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One-Punch Man is a Japanese anime series based on One’s webcomic and the manga adaption illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The plot is set in City Z and centres on Saitama, a superhero who has become bored because he has become so powerful that all of his battles finish in a single punch. Shingo Natsume directed the series at Madhouse, and Tomohiro Suzuki wrote it.

Onepunch Man

Since it first aired on December 24 2015, we have got only 2 seasons with 12 episodes in each season. The third season is yet to release. The hype and the fan-base for this anime is huge because of the unique approach to the story.

The plot chronicles the lives of an ordinary hero named Saitama, who wins all of his fights with a single punch. This causes him a lot of aggravation because he no longer experiences the joy and adrenaline he used to feel in battle. After all, what’s the point of having unrivalled power?

Where to watch One-Punch Man

You can watch One-Punch Man from multiple sources. The most common platform would be Netflix.

If you don’t have a subscription of Netflix you can watch it on YouTube where the video might be cropped or be obstructed with watermark. 

You can watch One-Punch Man on our sites Timeshabibi. Find the links for all the episodes are below. Watch on PC/Laptop for better viewing experience. 

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