One-Punch Man S1 E1

Overview :

During his first year of training, Saitama (who still has hair and is wearing a blue track suit) has beaten countless villains in Z-City’s abandoned sector, but he is still facing financial difficulties. Saitama speaks with his go-to tailor, who is being forced to hand over the deed to his store by a local gang. Several other shops have closed, and the tailor’s shop is the lone one standing. The gang’s headquarters are part of Saitama’s apartment complex, where he travels door to door meeting the gang’s numerous offenders. Saitama isn’t really interested in them until they mention the bounty on their heads. Saitama informs the gang’s leader that he has been robbing stores, overcharging the owners and requesting the sale of the tailor’s establishment. The gang’s leader loses his mind and changes into the villain known as (the) Goldfish of Darkness. Saitama effortlessly beats Goldfish of Darkness after revealing that the prize on his head is the largest of the entire gang. In order to obtain the reward money to pay the rent, he calls the cops on the crooks living in the apartment complex and informs the landlady. She evicts him because she already knew his other tenants were members of the gang. Saitama returns the deed to the tailor, but the tailor informs him that he is retiring regardless. He presents Saitama with his final creation (Saitama’s outfit).After hearing all of this, Genos informs Saitama that he should buy a better suit. But Saitama declines, claiming that all he has said is that the outfit is a keepsake.

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