Top 5 Best Football/Soccer Anime Show In 2023

Blue Lock - Anime

1. Blue Lock

Yoichi Isagi’s high school football team was seconds away from qualifying for the nationals had he scored a goal, but he decided to transfer the ball to a teammate instead, costing him that opportunity. Isagi, who is angry, perplexed, and dissatisfied, questions whether the result would have been different if he hadn’t made the pass. A invitation from the Japan Football Union is waiting for the teenage striker when he gets home. Isagi is one of 300 U-18 strikers chosen under an arbitrary and biassed selection process for a contentious project called Blue Lock.

The ultimate objective of the project is for one of the chosen players to become the star striker for the Japanese national team. Each diamond in the rough participant must compete against others through a series of solo and team events to emerge as the best. Isagi sets aside his moral objections to the initiative because he feels obligated to succeed, even if that means ruthlessly shattering the aspirations of 299 young strikers.

Aoashi- Anime

2. Aoashi

This new football anime, “Aoashi,” which is set on a J-League youth team, shows young high school students attempting to break into the professional ranks. Ashito Aoi, a young and aspiring soccer player from a small Japanese town, is the main character of the novel.

When he causes an incident during a crucial game for his team, which results in their loss and elimination from the tournament, his chances of getting into a high school with a good soccer club are crushed. However, he draws the attention of a coach, who recognises his potential and invites him to Tokyo to improve his abilities.

Inazuma Eleven - Anime

3. Inazuma Eleven

The most well-known football anime is probably Inazuma Eleven since it helped people fall in love with the game. The show follows the lives of Mamoru End, a tremendously gifted custodian whose school lacks a true football club because the other six players don’t seem particularly motivated in practising.

However, as soon as a mystery forward named Genji settles in Mamoru’s village and the squad faces a challenge from Teikoku Academy, the club’s 40-year rival for the Football Frontier championship, the young custodian sets out to identify and recruit players for his football team.


Days Football/soccer - Anime

4. Days

Days is a rare find, especially for people who frequently criticise the shows produced by Studio MAPPA. The studio’s football animation centres on the conflict between two youths named Tsukushi and Jin. Tsukushi is a young man who lacks any unique abilities and is disregarded by others around him.

Jin, on the other hand, is regarded as a football prodigy who is capable of competing at the greatest level. But little do they realise that Tsukushi and Jin will meet one stormy night and be drawn into the world of football, where their fates will be intertwined.

Whistle Football/Soccer - Anime

5. Whistle

Shou Kazamatsuri is one of those greats who was created with the straightforward goal of excelling in his field. Shou transfers to Sakura Jousui High to play soccer at a high level with the goal of becoming the best soccer player he can be.

Shou raises his playing level and exhorts others to give it their all because he was never given a chance to play at his previous school because of his diminutive stature. Together, they work their way up to the championships and achieve their dreams after he tells everyone that giving up never works.

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