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Pubscale is a product developed by GreedyGame an advertising company. GreedyGame is a 10 year old company which specializes in App and Web monetization, User acquisition and more. Pubscale serves as an all-encompassing platform, seamlessly facilitating the monetization and user acquisition for apps and games, all while ensuring a positive user experience. Elevate their revenue streams and scrutinize business growth effortlessly within a unified space.

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Tagline: “One platform. Multiple solutions. Infinite growth.”

Explore the array of PubScale products designed to empower your app or game:

Monetize with AdX:


AdX empowers you to maximize revenue by delivering top-tier ads within your apps and games. Tap into premium Google demand, connect with direct advertisers, and access 15+ other ad networks through real-time bidding and backfilling strategies. Whether you’re an AdMob or Unity publisher, leverage Google AdX for comprehensive app and game monetization. The RTB-based platform provides deep insights into inventory performance, complemented by 24/7 support to ensure compliance with ad policies.

Acquire users with GROW:

Pubscale grow

GROW, their self-serve user acquisition platform, allows you to establish goal-based campaigns for app installs, registrations, clicks, and more. Configure targeting and tracking parameters to reach your desired audience while gaining nuanced audience insights. Their mobile app user acquisition platform offers diverse campaign types such as CPI, CPR, CPA, and more, coupled with built-in tracking, third-party tracking, and MMP access. Acquire app users at the most competitive cost today!

Optimize with SDKX Native Ads:

Efficiently fill your unsold inventories by integrating their customized native ads templates, witnessing an incremental revenue surge of up to 40%. These policy-compliant native ads optimize revenue by recommending high-paying ad formats. their cutting-edge ad revenue optimization platform seamlessly integrates highly optimized, policy-compliant native ads. Experience a substantial increase in ad revenue through their lucrative native ad formats, effectively monetizing your previously unfilled traffic.

Gain Contextual Analytics with INSIGHTS:

INSIGHTS, their real-time dashboard, provides contextual insights and invaluable metrics like LTV (Lifetime Value) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Utilize it as your data-centric growth guide to understand app performance, earnings and losses, and strategies to enhance ad revenue.

A look at Pubscale dashboard:

Pubscale Dashboard
Pubscale Dashboard


They have partnered with large scale of publishers for the ad inventory and with global brands for the demand side of networks

The demand partners of Pubscale are

  • Google
  • Pubmatic
  • Inmobi
  • Smaato
  • Magnite

Their advertisers networks are as follows

  • Inmobi
  • Affle
  • Valueleaf
  • Timesinternet
  • Affinity

They have a proven work experience with large scale app publishers namely

  • Gameloft
  • HOMA Games
  • Kwalee
  • Reliance Games
  • Amanotes

Pubscale also offers your their in house SDK mediation platform SDKX. This works & has features similar to that of GMA SDK but the integration is much smoother. As the whole process is documented and a well trained group of account managers guide you all along the journey. This integrates both you AdMob and GAM account and mediates between both the demands to give you a better eCPM and revenue.


All in all if you are looking for companies which provide you monetization, user acquisition, and app/website growth you can consider Pubscale as one of the sources.

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