Why Are Indian Cricketers Not Permitted To Compete In Overseas Leagues?


Indian cricket player’s are not permitted to participate in overseas T20 leagues by the BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India unless they retire. The justification for BCCI’s behavior is that if Indian cricketers were permitted to participate in other leagues, the IPL’s dominance would be undermined.

The absence of great Indian players from other franchise T20 competitions around the world has long puzzled Indian fans. Unmukt Chand, a former under-19 captain, is the only Indian player who has actually played in the BBL; the other Indian players have never done so.

Following India’s semi-final defeat from the T20 World Cup last year, many Indian fans and commentators lamented the lack of experience of some Indian players in the Australian, England, South African and other country’s conditions.

Other significant franchise competitions, including as the CPL in the West Indies, the Blast and Hundred in England, and the BBL in Australia, do not feature T20 Indian cricketers who are active at the highest level.

For example – Suresh Raina, a former batter for India and CSK, has participated in the Abu Dhabi T10 competition. As Raina had already resigned from international cricket in 2020, he was able to do this after announcing his retirement from the IPL and all domestic cricket in 2022 after failing to find a buyer in the IPL auction.


The BCCI regulations are unambiguous in this regard if a indian male cricketer desires to play in other prestigious T20 leagues abroad, they must sever all links with the BCCI and withdraw from Indian cricket at all levels.

In essence, an Indian cricket men’s player will have to give up their international career, the IPL, and domestic cricket if they play in the BBL, CPL, Hundred, and the planned new T20 leagues SA20 in South Africa and ILT20 in the UAE.

Indian cricket gurus believe that Indian players should be let to compete in other leagues so that they can become familiar with the weather and pitch conditions. which can aid them in playing in the upcoming series and the world cup.

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