Chandrayaan-3 Live Updates

Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-on mission to Chandrayaan-2. The main objective was to demonstrate safe landing on to the lunar surface. It consists of Lander and Rover configuration.
Chandrayaan-3 was launched by LVM3 from SDSC SHAR, Shriharikota. It was launched on 14 July 2023. 

The objectives of the Chandrayaan-3 mission are to:
1. Demonstrate safe and soft landing on Lunar surface
2. Demonstrate Rover roving on the moon
3. Conduct in-situ scientific experiments.

To achieve the mission objectives, various advanced technologies have been used.

LVM3M4 Chandrayaan3

Chandrayaan-3 is expected to make a soft landing on the moon’s south pole at 6:04pm(IST) on August 23. Live Stream of the landing is available on ISRO website, YouTube and DD National TV from 5:30 pm.


15th: Successful execution of first orbit-raising manoeuvre.
17th: The successful execution of second orbit-raising manoeuvre.

22nd: Successful execution of fourth orbit-raising manoeuvre.


1st: Successful execution of all orbit-raising manoeuvre.
5th: The successful lunar orbit insertion.
6th: Lowering of Lunar orbit.

14th: Chandrayaan-3 approaches the moon’s surface.
16th: Successful fifth and final moon-bound manoeuvre.

17th: Separation of the Landing module.
18th: Successful completion of deboosting operation.


August 23: Expected Landing of India’s third Lunar mission at 6:04 pm(Indian Standard Time)

According to experts, the last 10 to 15 minutes of the landing will determine the sucess of the mission.

16:40(IST): Singapore High Commissioner joins of billions of others to wish success for India’s Chandrayaan-3 safe landing. 

17:07(IST): India’s aim to become the first nation to land a spacecraft on the Moon’s south pole is nearing conclusion today.

17:15(IST): Chandrayaan 3, India’s third lunar mission, is set to make history. A crowd has gathered at The Nehru Planetarium in Delhi, where a special event is taking place.

17:30(IST): Union Minister Jitendra Singh is at the CSIR Headquarters to watch the live stream of the landing.

17:45(IST): ISRO started the automatic landing sequence at 5.44 PM IST. The Vikram lander is using its onboard computers and logic to make a soft landing on the Lunar Surface. The mission controllers will closely monitor at ISTRAC. And the onboard systems of the lander will be doing the heavy lifting. It is currently in the rough braking phase, reducing its velocity.

17:55(IST): The rough braking phase has begin. The speed is being reduced from 6000 km/hr to 500km/hr which will take over 10 minutes, says ISRO.

18:00(IST): The lander completed its attitude holding phase at a height of about 7.43 km above the moon’s surface. The mission has transitioned to the fine braking phase.

18:02(IST): The lander has successfully tilted to a horizontal position ahead of landing. The lander is now less than 200 metre above the landing site.

18:05(IST): India makes history with Chandrayaan-3 lander making a successfully safe and soft landing at the south pole of the moon.

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