Jungkook is likely to collab with Zayn Malik after Jack Harlow.

BTS’s Jungkook recently marked his solo debut with “Seven,” a collaborative single featuring Latto. Excitingly, it has been officially confirmed that Jungkook’s next single will be “3D,” in collaboration with American rapper Jack Harlow.

While the release of “3D” is still on the horizon, there are swirling rumors hinting at yet another collaboration in the works for Jungkook. This time, the buzz surrounds a potential joint project with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik.

Fans have been harboring hopes of a Jungkook-Zayn Malik collaboration for some time, fueled by moments when Jungkook publicly expressed his admiration for Zayn’s music.

The Zayn Malik fanbase is abuzz with speculations, asserting that a collaboration is indeed in the works. The rumored song is tentatively titled “Backseat Kiss” and is said to have a rumored release date of December 1.

Zayn Malik

An alleged teaser for this collaboration reportedly made its way to Zayn Malik fans via a newsletter. However, some fans claim not to have received it, leading to doubts about its authenticity.

Until there’s an official announcement from either of the artists or their respective record labels, it’s essential to treat this collaboration as nothing more than an exciting rumor.

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