Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

It’s mother’s day today, so I opened my phone when I woke up. I wanted to wish my mother a happy mother’s day and tell her I loved and appreciated her, but in Indian families, it’s not always easy to do so. So I chose to thank my mother in this article.

I want to thank my mother for her love and care since she is the person who sprinkles love, knowledge, and compassion into every element of our existence. “Maa” is the first word that every child says when they speak for the first time. Maa, let me add that you were my very first instructor in teaching me how to be a good person.

Maa I want to express my gratitude for the meals you provide for me without considering your health; whether you’re feeling well or not, you still feed me.

Maa I want to thank you for the sacrifice you made on my behalf. Whenever I needed a toy or chocolate, you were the one who gave up her desire to get a saree in order to pay for my need.

Maa even though I’m not telling you about my pain, you get to know my feelings every time . I’m still curious about how you were able to relieve it without me even realising it; I suppose this was your greatest superpower.

Maa I want to thank you for being my pillar of strength throughout my life. Everything I am today is solely due to you, and I still think of you in difficult times as the one who believed in my ability to accomplish great things in the future. You constantly give me courage.

Maa I want to thank you for becoming a part of my life’s great memories; you will always be in my heart and bring me comfort when I’m feeling down.

People often claim that there is a god everywhere, but for me, my mother is my god since she is always there for me in every circumstance and gives me the willpower and fortitude to deal with any challenges.

I want to thank you and say love you “Maa” for everything you do for me on this mother’s day even though I know I’ve never said it to you. I also want to thank you for bringing me into this wonderful world.

                                                     Thank You Maa 🙂


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