PhonePe launches its own app store : Indus Appstore

On 23rd Sept.23, the Indus Appstore was launched by PhonePe. The app store, known as Indus Appstore, is being presented as a “Made in India” alternative to the Google Play Store, and developers are offered a number of incentives to have their apps listed on the platform.

One of the key advantages of the Indus Appstore for developers is that no platform fee or commission is charged on in-app purchases. This stands in stark contrast to the Google Play Store, where a 30% commission is imposed on all in-app purchases by developers.

At a time when Indian startups are engaged in a battle with Google regarding its billing policy, it has been stated by PhonePe that Indus Appstore will not have any platform fees or commissions imposed on in-app payments. The integration of their preferred payment gateway within their apps without any restrictions is permitted for developers.

Indus Appstore

Another advantage of the Indus Appstore is that a localized experience is offered to developers. The app store is available in 12 Indian languages, and a curated selection of apps that are relevant to Indian users is featured.

Additionally, partnerships have been formed by PhonePe with several Indian phone manufacturers for the distribution of the Indus Appstore. This means that the app store will be pre-installed on new smartphones from brands such as Samsung Electronics, Xiaomi India, and vivo.

A significant development for the Indian app ecosystem is the launch of the Indus Appstore. It provides a new platform for developers to distribute their apps and offers users more choices for downloading apps.

Whether the Indus Appstore will be capable of challenging the dominance of the Google Play Store in India remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the app store possesses numerous advantages, including its localized experience and the absence of platform fees and commissions. These advantages could render it a more appealing option for both developers and users.

PhonePe Indus Appstore

It has been noted by PhonePe that over 450 million registered users have been accumulated on its eponymous payments app. Developers are permitted to begin registering and uploading their apps on the ‘made-in-India’ app store starting today. To provide support for startups and newly launched apps, a dedicated section named “Launch Pad” will be introduced by the Indus Appstore. The aim is to enhance the visibility and optimize search results for these new applications.

Furthermore, various developer tools and features designed to address the common challenges encountered by Android developers will be provided by the platform, such as a 24/7 customer support team located in India to assist developers.

In addition to the above, it should be added that the launch of the Indus Appstore represents a step toward achieving the goal of Atamnirbhar Bharat. Atamnirbhar Bharat is a vision of a self-reliant India, and the Indus Appstore serves as an example of how innovative solutions that meet the needs of Indian users can be developed and deployed by Indian companies.

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