Jungkook is back with his new single 3D featuring Jack Harlow

BTS member Jungkook released his second single of 2023 ‘3D’ on Friday, also features American rapper Jack Harlow. The song is a dance number. We can say that it is completely Jungkook’s speciality and ARMYs are loving the music video.

Jk and Jack harlow

This comes after Seven, a single featuring American rapper and singer Latto. BTS’ youngest member Jungkook made his debut as a solo artist with the single Seven. The song has topped the global music charts including the US Billboard main song chart and Spotify’s Weekly Top Song Global Chart.

Jungkook, who is the youngest member of BTS, has English lyrics in the song. This is quite unusual as most of BTS’ songs and songs from its members usually have a few Korean words in them. Seven, his last single was also in English.

Jungkook on 3d

The song has a very early-2000s vibe to it. He told Consequence, “When I started working on this song, I got the sense that it could really appeal to people who know early 2000s music. There’s a sense of nostalgia.” Jungkook also added that , “With 3D, there’s a little more sexiness incorporated into the choreography. Some parts are very high in intensity, others are more relaxed; there’s a lot of contrast and dynamic moves in the video. The choreography is overall very addictive and easy to follow. The fun vibe of the song adds to the feel. I think there’s a lot to enjoy.”

3d MV

The musical video of 3D opens with Jungkook singing inside a telephone booth. He grooves with the background dancers. The music video is then followed by Jack Harlow who joins him and raps. The duo in the music video play a game of chess at a roadside cafe. Jungkook also dances in the rain at one point.

BTS’ agency BigHit Music also dropped behind the scenes of 3D’s music video. In another clip, Jungkook can be seen getting touched up before he begins filming for his scene in the song.

While most of the BTS members have released their solo albums, Jungkook is yet to release one. He told Variety in July that he has been working on a solo album.

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